Writing a letter to a soldier examples

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Writing a letter to a soldier examples

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Soldiers can always use support. A simple letter telling them they are appreciated, can mean so much when they are stationed far from home, friends and family, and put in dangerous places and situations.

It helps them remember the people and the freedoms for which they fight. Be as supportive and positive as you can when writing to soldiers. Write a positive letter, showing your support for the soldiers who are putting their lives at risk.

Perhaps tell the soldier something about yourself, but nothing too personal. Focus the letter on your appreciation for what the soldier is doing and on general topics that would likely be of interest. Perhaps write about sports or current events.

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Include your email address in the letter if you would like to hear back from the soldier. Many soldiers will respond in that manner. Include your address in the letter; envelopes tend to be tossed in the trash.

Send the letter via one of many organizations dedicated to distributing letters to soldiers see Resources. Tip Write in a conversational tone, as if you were writing to an old friend.

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Many organizations are also set up online for you to enter your letter directly into their system so it will reach the soldier by email see Resources. Many of these organizations depend upon donations. Photo Credits russian army image by Alexey Klementiev from Fotolia.Every Operation Gratitude Care Package includes a bundle of letters from the American people, thanking Troops, Veterans, New Recruits, or First Responders for their service to our country.

writing a letter to a soldier examples

Care Package recipients tell us these letters, notes, and drawings are the most cherished items in their box. Tips for Writing a Letter to a Soldier 1. Tell your first name, age and grade – but don’t include specific school location or your street, city, state address.

Examples for both the letter of request and the individual's memorandum of support are located in Figures F-5 and F Also, begin preparation of the basic letter/memorandum of appeal.

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Follow the format in Figures F-2, F-3 or F I am profoundly reluctant to write this letter because I know there are those it will wound deeply. But I have also come to the conviction that I can no longer hide the .

The Letter Writing Team (LWT) is a team of amazing Angels who enjoy writing to our heroes, and who know how important it is for the service members to hear their name called at mail call. Sadly some service members get no mail at all from back home.

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