Tissue wrapping paper

You just need to stack 6 to 8 pieces of identically sized tissue paper.

Tissue wrapping paper

Wrapping Paper Background There are many kinds of wrapping papers manufactured specifically for the types of products they are intended to wrap.


For example, wrapping paper is made for bread for sanitary and aesthetic purposes. Originally, waxed paper and cellophane were used, but now polyethylene, polypropylene, and laminates that are a combination of these are preferred.

Foil overwraps are also common. History Gift giving is associated with many holidays around the world and occasions such as birthdays.

Like many other Christmas customs, exchanging gifts originated in ancient, pagan celebrations. The Roman festivals of Satumalia and Kalends were celebrations of the harvest and winter solstice included gifts of small figurines, food, jewelry, and candles.

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The Roman New Year featured gifts of candies, cakes, honey, and fruit because sweet gifts foretold a sweet year. The tradition of giving gifts at Christmas time is associated with the gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh delivered to the Christ Tissue wrapping paper by the Three Wise Men.

Despite this link, gift-giving was shunned by the early Christians who associated it with the pagan traditions they wanted to leave behind. It was not until the Middle Ages that gift-giving became a popular custom associated with Christmas and the church's abhorrence of gift giving was essentially overwhelmed by popular practice.

A whole phalanx of gift givers followed the Three Kings in entering popular culture. Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus in many forms are the best known of these; but Italy has the Befana, Russia has both the white-robed girl Kolyada and the ancient Babushka grandmotherand Scandinavia calls on goats and dwarfs.

Tissue wrapping paper

In England, Boxing Day also arose as a gift-giving day; this day after Christmas was both a church holiday in which alms were given to the poor and a day when families gave boxed presents to their servants and to tradesmen.

The Victorians made an art form out of many holiday customs. Elaborate gift giving was a privilege of the rich, but the Victorians developed the Christmas card as a small gift that friends could give each other to express sentiments without spending a lot of money.

The first Christmas card was designed by John Calcott Horsley in on commission from Sir Henry Cole, a businessman who had fallen behind in writing personal Christmas letters and wanted to send holiday greetings to those awaiting his letters.

Before this printed card, people had decorated their calling cards with scraps of colored paper and this practice continued until about when the Christmas card began to grow into an industry. Developments in the printing industry and the creation of postage stamps helped to fire interest in mass mailing of cards.

The art of designing Victorian Christmas cards led to development of artistic gift wraps. Victorian Christmas papers were intricately printed and ornamented with lace and ribbon. Decorated boxes, loose bags, and coronets bore cutout illustrations of Father Christmas, robins, angels, holly boughs and other seasonal decorations.Number 1 TISSUE PAPER source.

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Clocking in at sheets, our tissue paper reams are ideal for both industrial and residential use. Tissue paper adds an element of luxury to your shop goods; wrapping a your customer’s purchases in tissue paper not only protects their goods, but adds an extra layer of luxury, enhancing the customer's experience of your shop.

Gift wrapping with tissue paper flowers