The early life and times of herbert george wells

Edit Herbert George Wells, the fourth and last child of Joseph Wells a former domestic gardener, and at the time shopkeeper and cricketer and his wife Sarah Neal a former domestic servantwas born at Atlas House, 47 High Street, Bromleyin the county of Kent.

The early life and times of herbert george wells

Take a journey back in time to the 19th and early 20th century. See what the town was like in the days of the horse and carriage and what the people did who lived there. See the vintage postcards and photographs. Read the articles about the different trades and professions and the people who worked in them.

Learn about the historic buildings and the town's colourful history. This month I feature a rather unusual photograph taken in Tunbridge Wells during WW1 showing soldiers sleeping in hammocks suspended between the trees. A peaceful scene contrasted with the horrors in the trenches.

Or, Lies, Damned Lies and Quote Mines

Thousands of men like these assembled in Tunbridge Wells awaiting orders to move to the south coast and then to France and elsewhere. The exact location captured by this image is not known for there were a number of military camps set up in Tunbridge Wells.

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There is no provision for contacting me from this website. Their contact details can be found on their websites. I have had many articles published in various society journals, Newsletters and Magazines in England and Canada. I am decended from three generation of Gilberts who lived in Tunbridge Wells since Shown here is a photograph of me taken in July proudly displaying my T-shirt.

I was trained and worked as a Civil Engineer and in the late 's changed careers and became the owner of two corporations engaged in General Contracting and the supply of building materials.

Upon my retirement in I devoted my spare time to research,writing and gardening. My father Douglas Edward Gilbert came to live with me in All but one my relatives mostly second cousins, none of which have the surname of Gilbert live in England and some still live in Tunbridge Wells.

The only Gilberts from my family line in Canada are me born in Canada Her only child Garry Williamson is living in Barrie with his wife and two adopted sons. Although my greatgrandfather of Tunbridge Wells had three sons and four daughters I am the only surviving descendent with the surname of Gilbert.

A complete family tree of my family going back five generations can be found on the Ancestry UK website. I established this website in Every month I replace all of the articles with new ones so please come back and visit again.

If there are any articles you wish to keep for your records feel free to copy them. There is no archive of older articles on this site but the Tunbridge Wells Library and the Museum retain copies of my articles for their local history files,so please contact them to see them.Discover the fascinating people and places of Tunbridge a journey back in time to the 19th and early 20th century.

See what the town was like in the days of the horse and carriage and what the people did who lived there. I went to the library and found the [September ] article.


The quote is a complete fabrication. What the article does say is: The great idea emerges originally in the consciousness of the race as a vague intuition; and this is the form it keeps, rude and imposing, in myth, tradition and poetry.

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The early life and times of herbert george wells

H.G. Wells, in full Herbert George Wells, (born Sept. 21, , Bromley, Kent, Eng.—died Aug. 13, , London), English novelist, journalist, sociologist, and historian best known for such science fiction novels as The Time Machine and The War of the Worlds and such comic novels as Tono-Bungay and The History of Mr.

Polly.. Early life.

H.G. Wells | British author |

Wells was the son of domestic servants turned small. Tales of Space and Time [H. G. (Herbert George) Wells] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Tales of Space and Time is presented here in a high quality paperback edition. This popular classic work by H.

G. (Herbert George) Wells is in the English language/5(68). Herbert George Wells was born on September 21, , in a “shabby home,” as Wells himself once called it, in Bromley, Kent, England to.

The early life and times of herbert george wells

Joseph Wells and Sarah Neal Wells (Borrello, Alfred: 2). He had two older brothers, Frank and Fred.

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