Professional air traffic controller essay

Contains blank copies of questionnaires 1, 2, 4 and 5, also the results of questionnaires 1 and 2. The questionnaires pertain to job satisfaction and the issues that the union members consider most important for future negotiations. Contains an investigation concerning egress from the Kansas City Tower. Contains five memos to facility presidents pertaining to the National Safety Coordinating Committee, also contains the minutes of the October 30,National Safety Committee meeting.

Professional air traffic controller essay

Download this Essay in word format. GPS will significantly improve the accuracy of air traffic control, and also provide a platform for the efficient increase of aircraft traffic. It is however somewhat unclear why it has taken so long to implement a technology that has such obvious advantages and that has been in existence for such a long time.

Perhaps the time and cost involved was a determining factor. From the current viewpoint, it has become essential to upgrade ATC technology. Like the ground-based ATC system, the current separations system for aircraft is becoming unviable in terms of the anticipated and current increase in aircraft using airspace.

Alternative ways have therefore been investigated to safely handle the increase in aircraft, and also to address the increasing delays that have plagued American airports. The Free Flight concept is one such possible alternative. This system allows aircraft to fly in a wide range of weather conditions, including when visibility is low.

Air Traffic Control has occurred from gate to gate. Route information is requested and received before flights, while route changes -- including altitude changes - are requested and cleared during flight. Flight crew therefore are obliged to negotiate with the ground before choosing any change for more optimal routes.

It is a very involved process, and can often cause costly delays in choosing optimal routes. Free Flight, on the other hand, moves the task of aircraft separation to the cockpit.

Through ADS-B Airborne Dependent Surveillance -- Broadcast technology, the position, velocity, and route to be used to ensure both optimal separation and optimal route is broadcast directly to monitoring equipment within the cockpit. Aircraft pilots therefore receive all data from all other aircraft in the area, as displayed on the Cockpit Display of Traffic Information CDTI system.

This information can then be used by pilots to ensure airborne separation. The final aim of implementing Free Flight is to completely eliminate ground controlled separation. The advantage of this is real-time self-optimization by pilots.

Professional air traffic controller essay

However, it must also be kept in mind that such a system carries significant risks, and that pilots will need thorough training before the system can be entirely implemented.

However, it is a promising technology that could significantly improve problems such as flight delays and accidents. Many of the efficiency and effectiveness problems experienced by the FAA and ATC systems is the fact that the industry is controlled by only one public entity.

There is no competition; hence the FAA is not under any obligation to optimize its operations to benefit users.The most suitable example showing the consequence of the above situation is the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization (PATCO) strike in in America.

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Training to become a fully qualified air traffic controller can take around three years. The actual structure of the training is . Air Traffic Control. Custom Air Traffic Control Essay Writing Service || Air Traffic Control Essay samples, help An example that uses ATC is DuPage airport.(IATA:DPA, ICAO:KDPA, FAA LID:DPA This airport is located 47 kilometers (27 miles) in the west of Chicago in .

Air traffic control started at airports during the late s. The first controllers used flags and stood outside; later, control towers were built and controllers used light guns to present one-way communication with airplanes. Pay scale of a freelance air traffic controller The amount of pay received will vary considerably on the basis of qualifications, place of job, experience, etc.

As a fresh freelance air traffic controller, you will usually get pay between Rs. 16, and Rs. 40,; but as . Professional Air Traffic Control Colton Davis University of North Dakota Abstract Air Traffic Control (ATC) in the United States consists of roughly 25, air traffic controllers working in the National Airspace System ( controller workforce plan).

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