Processing crime scene essay

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Processing crime scene essay

Razzaq Upon arrival at a major crime scene, officers must have the ability to effectively multi-task utilizing what often amounts to be very limited resources. Supervising officers and investigators must work diligently and take steps in order to preserve the integrity of any evidence and the scene as a whole in order to facilitate an effective investigation as well as effective prosecution.

In that light, this article will focus on the basics of visual documentation as applied to crime scene investigation. Knowing and understanding the basics of videotaping, photographing, and sketching of crime scenes can be integral to effective suspect identification and prosecution as well as the process of crime scene analysis as a whole.

Crime Scene Videography Crime Scene Videography is valuable as an overview for presentation in court as well as a moving analysis of the scene. It allows for a documented perspective of the crime scene which cannot be captured in reports, interviews, or photographs.

Prior to videotaping, the investigator should walk the designated videographer through the scene. Videos should begin with an overall general view of the scene. If the scene is indoors, then the video should include an overall pan of the outside of the location.

Upon completion of this introduction, audio should be disabled as to not bias the jury and videotaping of the scene should begin with a general overview of the crime scene and adjoining areas. The only exception to this is the inclusion of explanation of what a given piece of evidence is.

However, care must be taken not to say anything that could emotionally bias a jury as doing so can result in the judge denying the videotape as evidence. Upon initiation of crime scene video analysis, the cameraman should use close-up and wide angle views to show the location of evidence, relevance of evidence, and the scene layout.

Slow camera movements such as zooming and panning should be used while videotaping. Just as with crime scene photography, close-ups of small items of evidence should include a scale to illustrate the size of the item.

No personnel should be present in the video whatsoever and the content must be relevant to the case and not produce a level of emotional bias that would be unacceptable to a given judge deciding on the admissibility of the evidence.

Ideally, camera work should be accomplished by a professional trained to walk through the crime scene without disturbing any evidence. Furthermore, videotaping does NOT replace crime scene photography.

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Rather, it acts as a more graphical representation of different aspects of the scene. Crime Scene Photography Immediately following Crime Scene Videography should be the initiation of Crime Scene Photography as the investigator will need pictures of the scene in its most natural state.

Both black and white as well as color photographs should be taken and utilized in a manner which balances the possibility of causing emotional bias against the need for color.

All in all, the goal of crime scene photography is to provide as unbiased and detailed pictures as absolutely possible.It is therefore very important for crime scene investigators to carry out the exercise in all crime scenes at whatever cost before the scene is interfered with.

Processing crime scene essay

The evidence can be obtained through fingerprints left on various surfaces which help in the construction of evidence. Forensic Career Opportunities. Work at the Crime Lab. The Kansas City Police Crime Laboratory requires a bachelor’s degree in a science for all areas of forensic analysis. Criminal Investigation Scenario: Criminal scene investigators are usually mandated with the task of actively processing a crime scene in order to collect evidence that would be used in arresting and prosecuting suspects.

The five steps of crime scene processing when investigating a suspicious death are: 1. Interview witnesses/ people involved to establish the theory of the case. dna essay. Fingerprint Identification Reviewer Abridged. Special Crime Investigation Reviewer. Documents Similar To unit crime scene processing.

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What is the first step in processing a crime scene. To secure and isolate the scene. Physical evidence essay. Physical evidence encompasses any and all objects that can establish that a crime has been committed or can provide a link between a crime and its victim or its perpetrator.

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