Pepsico s bid for quaker oats

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By Bob SperberManaging Editor, Bakery Online Those who believe that selling a company is good news will see the latest from Quaker as a stroke of luck.

PepsiCo in bid to acquire Vita Coco owner: sources | Reuters

The company agreed to be acquired by Pepsi. According to today's announcement, PepsiCo will acquire Quaker in a tax-free transaction which features PepsiCo exchanging 2.

There is no guaranteed price protection or "collar. During the first week of November, Quaker rejected Pepsi's earlier offer. Coke entered the picture about halfway through the month, and Danone also expressed interest, but by Nov.

Coke's offer was more lucrative and all but inked, but some company directors reportedly felt that the price tag was considered too high and there were potential antitrust issues related to the two companies' sports drinks, Quaker's Gatorade and Coke's PowerAde. Danone said it was interested in making a bid, and the news was followed by a nosedive of Danone's stock—and a Danone withdrawal.

Similarly, Pepsi's stock dropped almost eight percent on the news that Pepsi resumed talks with Quaker. But talks yielded the Monday news of a new agreement—or a redux of the original offer Quaker spurned.

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PepsiCo is offering the same deal it did weeks ago. In general, Gatorade is seen as the crown jewel of Quaker and will benefit from Pepsi's distribution system.

Frito could also take over Quaker's granola bars. Quaker's oatmeal may have potential at Pepsi due to its health-related benefits and sales prospects, while some analysts predict Pepsi will sell-off the rest of the cereal business after a regulatory two-year waiting period is over.

Pepsi said the acquisition of Quaker provides key strategic and economic benefits: Quaker's snacks will be distributed through Frito-Lay's distribution system. Quaker Chairman Robert S. PepsiCo organization will unleash the tremendous global growth potential of the Gatorade brand and leverage the strengths of our foods business.Find great deals on eBay for quaker oat bran.

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Shop with confidence. Dec 05,  · At least two PepsiCo rivals had a similar thirst to acquire Quaker Oats: the board of Coca-Cola Co.

Pepsico s bid for quaker oats

abandoned talks to buy Quaker for a reported $ billion two weeks ago and French food conglomerate Danone SA backed away from a possible bid.

Gatorade, a key brand in Quaker's portfolio, had long been on PepsiCo's wish list, but PepsiCo's managers, led by CEO Roger Enrico and CFO Indra Nooyi, were committed to upholding the value of. Quaker Simple & Wholesome Organic Multigrain Hot Cereal with Red Quinoa Gluten Free - Old Fashioned Oats in Bag Gluten Free - Quick Oats in Bag.

Pepsico s bid for quaker oats


Include the actual case to be read and the valuation calculations for the PepsiCo bid for Quaker Oats. Additional information of relevance for the case: a) Gatorade has approximately an 80%+ market share in sports drinks.

Coke and Pepsi introduced competitors circa Coke's Power Ade brand has approximately % of the market, and Pepsi's.

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