Pascal pensees essay

Pascal thought it was the strongest. Would it be reasonable to try it, even if it cost a little money? Suppose you hear reports that your house is on fire and your children are inside.

Pascal pensees essay

Pascal's Gamble The human condition is one of suffering and redemption. One who does not suffer is not human.

Pascal pensees essay

Death and the withering away of youth and vitality explicitly demonstrates the entropic nature of existence. This situation is problematic for the rationale mind.

No universally accepted system of navigating the death sentence, known has human existence, has sufficiently explained the quandary. Blaise Pascal, the renowned 17th century mathematician and philosopher, in his unfinished and fragmented collection of thoughts gathered in his "Pensees" presented a basic and mathematically-based solution to living a life according to greater purpose.

Within the Pensees, Pascal introduced mathematical proofs to the utility in accepting and living by a religious and hierarchal system.

This idea is commonly referred to as Pascal's gamble. The argument states that it is better to believe and act accordingly to a dogmatic understanding of God due to the great benefits of the choice. Pascal understood that the revealing of this proof is practically impossible and therefore inherently places faith as a tool in which to achieve understanding in an ultimately irrational world.

By not believing in God, the non-believer risks his or her eternal life in damnation and hell, while if the believer is found to be wrong in his beliefs, there are no side effects or ill will.

Objectively, this argument is still debated today in many different fashions, however the value of the argument itself provides an excellent platform to discuss the major points of philosophy, religion, mathematics and life itself. In this paper, I will argue that Pascal's interpretation can only be mystically understood, and his premise is not to mathematically prove any formula, rather the gamble is a metaphysical tool in reaching ne mystical heights.

I will start by considering Pascal's claim that his Christian background forbid him to speak in mystical and blasphemous tones.

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This is very important in the interpretation. I will then raise two objections to it stating the obvious and literal interpretations of this premise. I will conclude that all objective attempts of understanding this Pascal's argument fail until the mystical qualities of faith and belief are realized.

The gamble is disguised in abstract mathematical terminology to disguise and possibly mislead the uninitiated. Pascal, according to his written history, was a devout Christian, perhaps even extreme.

Christian dogma is powerful and contains useful mantras and belief structures useful in navigating the problems of life. Regardless if Christ was real or not, the ideas of forgiveness, everlasting life and universal love provide practical ideas that may be beneficial to achieving peace of mind for its followers.

Faith is the centerpiece of Christianity, and by its own elusive definition, completely and utterly subjective in nature. Pascal seemed to have a solid grasp on his understanding of the differing sides of the mind. Abstract imagination coupled with a systematic or mathematical approach clearly relate to a modern understanding of left and right brain functions.

Math itself is an extremely abstract science where letters, numbers and symbols have the ability to represent concrete material objects.Custom Blaise Pascal Essay Writing Service || Blaise Pascal Essay samples, help Blaise Pascal was born in a family of three on 19 th June the year , in France in a town called Clermont-Ferrand.

He was not fortunate enough because his mother died when he was just three years old. An essay on the famous Enlightenment scientist, philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal and his famous philosophical work 'Pensees'.


Pascal was the inspiration for my online journal/blog named 'Pensees' and this was the first essay published there in January Pascal was born to √Čtienne and Antoinette Begon Pascal, members of the petite noblesse, in the provincial town of Clermont en Auvergne in Pascal's mother died in , leaving his father.

In projective geometry, Pascal's theorem (also known as the hexagrammum mysticum theorem) states that if six arbitrary points are chosen on a conic (which may be an ellipse, parabola or hyperbola in an appropriate affine plane) and joined by line segments in any order to form a hexagon, then the three pairs of opposite sides of the hexagon .

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(Clermont, Alvernia, - Parigi ) filosofo e matematico francese. La prima educazione gli fu impartita dal padre, insigne magistrato e studioso di problemi fisici e matematici, stimato da dotti e scienziati quali M.

Mersenne, Pascal Blaise .

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