Oscar wilde the happy prince essay help

Therefore, this essay which contains four main criteria related to the story has come to existence. The first one is summary of the whole story, followed by literary analysis which elaborates symbols and what they represent.

Oscar wilde the happy prince essay help

Grahame Baker-Smith "Far off, like a perfect pearl, one can see the city of God.

oscar wilde the happy prince essay help

It is so wonderful that it seems as if a child could reach it in a summer's day. But with me and such as I am it is different. One can realise a thing in a single moment, but one loses it in the long hours that follow … " — Oscar Wilde"De Profundis" Oscar Wilde wrote "De Profundis" in Reading gaol where he was serving two years hard labour for being himself; he was homosexual.

He was sent to prison in after one of the most notorious trials in English history. Wilde's fatal amour, Lord Alfred Douglas, was son of the Marquess of Queensberrywho was a bully, womaniser, gambling addict, cycling bore and amateur boxer to him we owe the Queensberry rules.

In his personal life there was no such thing as fair play. Queensberry was a vicious pugilist detested by his family. A caricature of masculinity, he loathed the cult of art and beauty that Wilde championed, and under the guise of saving his son from sodomy, he set about bringing down Wilde at the height of his fame.

The tragedy is that he succeeded. Wilde became the most infamous man in Britain. Even his copyrights and his library were sold. Three years later he was dead. He loved his wife, Constance Holland, too; in his domestic affairs, and perhaps only there, Wilde was unexpectedly conventional.

He liked women, but in common with Victorian men of his class, heterosexual and homosexual alike, his interests and his excitements happened outside of the home — with other men. Unlike other men, Wilde was flamboyant, outspoken and provocative.

The all-male environments of school, university, the army, gentlemen's clubs and public life operated on a tacit code of concealment — whether of mistresses or misdemeanours. The "love that dare not speak its name" was a crime, yet in the eyes of society, Wilde's real crime was being found out.

The Victorians didn't invent hypocrisy, but in an era of industrious taxonomy, they were the first to reclassify that sin as a virtue. Disgraced and imprisoned, sleeping on a plank bed, his health broken, Wilde wrote a long letter to Alfred Douglas, later published as "De Profundis".

The strange thing is that in this, his last real piece of work, Wilde takes us back in tone and spirit to his first authentic work — the fairy stories or children's stories he wrote immediately after the birth of his two boys, Cyril and Vyvyan.

The work Wilde is remembered for was written over a period of less than 10 years. That volume marks the beginning of Wilde's true creativity. He had lectured extensively in the US — but that would not have won him any lasting legacy, any more than his journalism or his poems.


He had published a great many poems, but Wilde was a bad poet — he rarely found the right words and he was old-fashioned. We don't read his poetry now — it is dated and dead; too much Arcady and Hellenic Hours. The early plays suffer from the same verbal excess.

Wilde at his worst wrote in purple.This is a bibliography of works by Oscar Wilde, a late-Victorian Irish writer. Chiefly remembered today as a playwright, especially for The Importance of being Earnest, and as the author of The Picture of Dorian Gray; Wilde's oeuvre includes criticism, poetry, children's fiction, and a large selection of reviews, lectures and pfmlures.com private .

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oscar wilde the happy prince essay help

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