Learning organisation essay

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Learning organisation essay

Custom Learning Organization Analysis essay paper writing service Buy Learning Organization Analysis essay paper online Introduction Learning organization is a term that is widely used to refer to the ongoing and transformational process to create a future in an organization.

This is usually done through proper and timely response to the needs of people in and outside the organization. Learning organization is also geared towards fully exploiting and expanding human capacities to complete the set objectives. Consequently, this process is termed as generative learning.

Buy Learning Organization Analysis essay paper online

The best way of achieving this is through initiating learning in the organizations. An organization will develop a differential advantage if it learns faster than its competitors. This means coming up with new products and services and selling them widely in the market before the competitors copy their design, and composition among other factors Gary, This process is challenging, but proper planning can help achieve good results.

A learning organization has different characteristics that are achieved through different ways, and their progress measured differently. Characteristics of Learning Organizations According to Senge et al.

System Thinking System thinking is what developed the concept of learning organization.


System thinking is used to define the operations of an organization as a whole. Consequently, the term implies that all systems should be geared towards the same goals.

Learning organisation essay

All the systems in an organization should have identical characteristics, and if any deviates from others, it may lead to change of goals in the organization at large Schwandt and Marquardt, Therefore, achieving success in the set goals does not depend on a single system, but all systems combined.

Learning cannot be forced on a person who is not willing; therefore, personal mastery shows how people are personally committed to the course. This is a characteristic that when achieved, fosters competitiveness with other organizations.

If learning fails at an individual level, then it will fail in the whole organization. Learning should be made incidental rather than formal Senge et al. This is usually achieved through the development of a culture that promotes personal mastery in the organization.

Cultures in an organization are particularly crucial especially when they are in favor of performance. Mental Models This means sharing knowledge, views, experiences, and even assumptions to accomplish organizational goals.

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Therefore, organizations should make thinking a collective rather than an individual process. This is usually achieved by challenging one another in the organization. As individuals are challenged, they will expose different theories that will be useful to the development of the organization.

Modern organizations have been noted to have memory that encourages them to preserve dedicated behaviors, values, and norms Gary, This makes the learning environment open; thus promoting trust among the people involved.

Values, norms, and behaviors that are not wanted should be discarded as they will not have any benefits either in the present or future. Shared Vision Shared vision implies communicating with others in the organization with the purpose of developing similar future desires. These similar future desires motivate people in the organization to learn.

This is because of the common identity that is established among the staff. Attaining a common vision has impacts on people in the organization since it makes them realize personal visions. For the visions to be achieved, traditional structures have to be changed to confront to the future situation of the organization Schwandt and Marquardt, Therefore, organizations are supposed to live while focusing on the future rather than past.

The organizational structures should be decentralized. The company should have long term goals that will be transited all through the lifetime. On the other hand, there should be short term visions to succeed against competitors.Published: Mon, 5 Dec Management in 20th century has come up with various developments and practices from which learning organizations is one.

Learning organisation essay

Generally speaking, learning organization is an organization which gives an opportunity to its employees to learn such skills that help them develop themselves professionally.

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Aspects Of Organizational Learning: Four Reflective Essays Abstract This thesis presents my responses to questions posed by four professors with whom I studied while.

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