Iron on tshirt paper

Make sure you flip the image horizontally in a photo editing program such as Photoshop BEFORE you print it out, as when you iron on the picture it will reverse it.

Iron on tshirt paper

Use the Paint app to flip a design horizontally for iron-on transfer printing. Right-click the item you are printing, and then select Paint from the Open with menu.

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On the Home menu, click Rotate, and then click Flip horizontal. Create a mirror image Mac Open the Mac print dialog for settings to flip a design horizontally for iron-on transfer printing.

Open the image, click File, click Print, and then click Show Details, if necessary, to view print dialog settings. Click the unnamed print options menu at the center of the window, and then select Layout.

Load the transfer paper into the input tray so that the design prints on the front non-HP logo side of the paper. Remove any plain paper from the main tray.

Load the transfers into the tray based on your printer type. Printers with a front load tray: HP logo side facing up Printers with a rear load tray: After printing, confirm the design printed on the front side without the HP logo.

If the design is on the side with the HP logo, insert a new sheet of transfer paper in the paper tray and reprint your design on the correct side.

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Cut away any unprinted areas that are not part of the design. Prepare the iron and ironing surface Before applying the transfer to the item, preheat the iron and make sure the ironing surface is flat and free of wrinkles.

You must press hard when ironing. To demonstrate the pressure required, place a bathroom scale on the ironing surface, and then place both hands, one over the other, on the scale.

Press down to generate 23 kgs 50 lbs of pressure. Use this amount of pressure while you are ironing. Preheat your iron on the hottest setting cotton or linen for at least 8 minutes or until the iron reaches its maximum temperature.

Do not use steam. Place the pillowcase on the ironing surface, and iron it to remove any wrinkles. The pillowcase and ironing surface should be completely smooth. Heat, pressure, and time are the key requirements for a successful transfer. If you have never used iron-on transfers, it is recommended that you practice on an old garment first.

Position the item you are transferring the design on at the center of the pillowcase. Iron the item to remove any wrinkles, and then iron it for one additional minute to remove any moisture.

The fabric must be completely smooth and dry to receive the transfer. Place the transfer where you want it onto the warm fabric, design side down and HP logo side up.

Iron on tshirt paper

Review these guidelines for ironing time, methods, and techniques based on the size of the transfer. If you do not use enough heat, pressure, and time, your transfer might crack or peel off the fabric.Iron-on Transfers.

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Decorate light or dark apparel or hard goods with these heat-applied and waterslide transfer papers. You can easily create custom t-shirts and more with iron-on transfers that are designed to work with your home computer, printer and iron.

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