Inverted pendulum thesis

This example uses nonlinear model predictive controller object and block to achieve swing-up and balancing control of an inverted pendulum on a cart.

Inverted pendulum thesis

The Neuro-fuzzy an ideal controller and ATS controller controls the controllers stabilizes pendulums at vertical position while external disturbances.

The simulation results shows the systems. The results shows that Fuzzy controllers effectiveness of the proposed control architecture. Sang provides better results as compared to NN's controllers in at al. The BP network of structure and steady state error.

The regression R and mean was used for learning. The simulation results model for friction compensation of DIP has been proves the validity of proposed techniques. It is widely pendulum on an x-y plane has been performed.

The used as laboratory model for practical implementation neural controllers were applied to control both angle and and demonstration of various control systems. Various position of the cart. Fuyan Cheng et al. They combined fuzzy neural network controller based on two stage chaos control theory with optimal control theory to determine optimization algorithm for DIP system.

The controller composition coefficients. Lee and Jung 14 proposed a was able to solve local minimum problem one of the Takagi-Sugeno T-S Neuro fuzzy control scheme to disadvantage of Back-propagation BP neural networks. The ANN for double inverted pendulum system based on fuzzy controller was further compared with fuzzy logic logic and neural network.

The parameter of neural controller. The LQR controller was further used to design and adjusted online. Experimental implementation and an efficient neural network controller based on Sugeno- testing proved the validity of proposed methodology. The simulation results This study shows a comparison analysis of two different proved that neural controller was better as compared to soft-computing approaches for control of DIP on cart.

LQR controller in terms of speed, stability and accuracy. The modeling and to control a coupled DIP system. The results proved the validity Equation's of motion for Cart of the proposed techniques.

Inverted pendulum thesis

The advantage of using Fig. Input parameters of DIP system skilled human operator "Ref. A total of seven linguistic M Mass of Cart 2 Kg variables were selected. A view of gbell MF's and if-then fuzzy rules for cart controller are shown in fig.

Mass of Top Pendulum 0. The governing equations for sub- systems were derived as follows.

Swing-up Control of a Pendulum Using Nonlinear Model Predictive Control

Regression plot Validation data V. A total of data sets were collected which were randomly divided into training, validation and testing samples. The training was done using Levenberg-Marquardt back propagation algorithm and training performance was measured Mean squared error MSE method.

Training automatically stops when generalization stops improving, as indicated by an increase in MSE of validation samples. A view of neural network control architecture for designing of cart controller is shown in fig. It consists of two inputs and Fig.

Regression plot for Test data one output with 25 neurons in the hidden layer and 1 neuron in the output layer. The different values of R and MSE, for cart, bottom pendulum and top pendulum upto 4 decimal places are shown in table 3.

Neural network architecture MSE 2. A DIP sub- system was built which was finally masked to give complete system. Simulink of DIP system Fig. Cart Velocity control Table 5. Bottom pendulum angle control Table 6.

Inverted pendulum thesis

Bottom pendulum angular velocity Fig. Top pendulum angular velocity control Table 7.PID control is easier and faster to apply, because it doesn't need any specific data to work (for example: mass of the cart, pendulum length, pendulum mass, force applied to the cart) and how that data relate to eachother in working system.

v ABSTRACT The inverted pendulum is a classical control problem in dynamics and control theory which is the system encounter highly nonlinear and unstable system. This webpage is for Dr. Wheeler's literature students, and it offers introductory survey information concerning the literature of classical China, classical Rome, classical Greece, the Bible as Literature, medieval literature, Renaissance literature, and genre studies.

Add tags for "Design and implementation of fuzzy logic and PID controllers to balance an inverted pendulum system: a thesis ". Be the first. However, Beard was a strong opponent of American entry into the Second World War, and he was marginalized in the years that followed, even prior to his death in The purpose of this thesis is to investigate whether an inverted pendulum can be balanced on a hydrodynamic platform actuated by thrusters.

The vessel is the omnidirectional CS Saucer actuated by three rotating azimuth thrusters.

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