Hmbs flamingo

Cuba still has not apologized for attacking a Bahamian patrol boat and killing your young Bahamian marines nine days ago. Havana maintains that it mistook Her Majesty's Bahamian Ship HMBS Flamingo for a pirate vessel and has expressed deep regret at sinking it in a savage air strike off its northeast coast. But Cuba's regrets have not mollfied outraged Bahamians, who find it hard to accept that the feet Flamingo was rocketed, strafed, and sunk by mistake. The notion that the Cuban fighter pilots could have mistaken what was very obviously a Bahamian patrol boat for a pirate vessel is regarded as patently absurd here.

Hmbs flamingo

The Flamingo Incident 10th Hmbs flamingo What was it? The Flamingo Incident was a nation building exercise which legitimized the need for aDefence Force in the minds of Bahamians at last.

It proceeded to do what no Bahamian politician was able to do before.

Hmbs flamingo

This instance of widespread national shock helped Bahamians to grasp the idea of sovereignty and independence and brought out the first instance of patriotism to the Bahamian flag.

As this incident has become known as one of the most formative and definitive events in the life of a small sovereign nation and her first line of defence, this section will present a detailed account of events and its significance in the Bahamian and Defence Force?

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How did events unfold? HMBS Flamingo, a ? He and his 18 crewmembers had been tasked Hmbs flamingo stemming poaching in this particular quadrant. All remained quiet until about The crew of the two vessels tried to escape in a southwesterly direction. They gained on the vessels and finally caught up with them at about a mile from the Cay.

The fishing vessels maintained their course and speed, even after orders to stop were passed to them over the loud hailer and warning shots fired in the air and then across the bow of their vessels. Finally shots were directed to the bow of the vessels, bringing them to a complete stop nearly five miles away from the Cay.

The vessels were both boarded and searched by the HMBS Flamingo boarding team and the four Cuban males that were found onboard each of the craft were arrested and the large quantity of fish found onboard the two vessels were confiscated.

Remembering The Crew Of The Hmbs Flamingo

The two vessels, Ferrocem and Ferrocem 54, were taken into tow. They were heading back towards Cay Santo Domingo, when the first two Cuban military MiG fighter jets buzzed the Bahamian military ship, letting go several volleys of machine gun fire parallel to its starboard side and directly in front of the ship?

No one was hurt and it was assumed that the exercise was aimed at frightening them to release the captured fishermen.

Willing to take no risks though, Commander Rolle ordered his men to hoist a second ensign and a Bahamian flag. With perfect weather, there would be no way that the pilots in their low flying jets could mistake the identity of the Flamingo or that they were in the territorial waters of The Bahamas.

About forty five minutes later the jets returned. The Flamingo was less than 1. This time, the patrol craft was hit. The Operations room filled with water and rendered all communication equipment down. The bridge burst into flames. Melting steel appeared all around from the rocket attack and as it was in danger of imminent sinking, the crew abandoned ship.

Even as the ship sank and the crew attempted to swim to safety, the jets returned, strafing the surrounding waters with machine gun fire and tearing apart the two lifeboats that had been jettisoned overboard.

Hmbs flamingo

Though the jets disappeared, a military helicopter remained in the area. This was no match for their menacing machine chaperone hovering above.Cuba agreed to pay $10 million in reparations for the sinking of HMBS Flamingo and the murder of the four marines - Fenrick Sturrup, Austin Smith, David Tucker and Edward Williams.

And the eight Cuban fishermen who started it all were convicted of poaching in July, Thirty-eight years after the tragic sinking of the HMBS Flamingo, the Royal Bahamas Defense Force (RBDF) held a memorial service in memory of the marines who died in the line of duty on May 10, May 11,  · FAMILY members and friends of the four Bahamian Marines killed in action 36 years ago during the sinking of HMBS Flamingo joined officers and .

El Menosprecio al derecho Internacional 1. En mayo de patrullas marítimas de las Bahamas apresa a pescadores cubanos que estaban pescando en aguas territoriales, y la tiranía de Cuba envía un escuadrón de Mig de Holguin que sobrevuelan las islas en actitud amenazante. “The Sinking of HMBS Flamingo” was created specifically for the Royal Bahamas Defence Force and unveiled during the anniversary ceremony of the sinking of The Flamingo at the Coral Harbor Base.

In this powerful work, Munroe captures a dynamic scene incorporating both heart-wrenching desperation and vivid beauty. 10th May HMBS Flamingo Sinking Remembered.

The Foreign Ministers of the Caricom region in their annual meeting being held in Kingstown in St Vincent and the Grenadines took note of the anniversary of the sinking of the HMBS Flamingo on 10 May

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