Atomic bombing the toughest decision in history

It was quite a different story from when Japan first invaded the countries of and murdered thousands of fellow Asians - Chinese, Koreans, South East Asians, Phillipinos, Malaysians and Indonesians. And quite a different story from when the Japanese conducted a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor at Honolulu, Hawaii, American soil, and murdered thousands of Americans. They caused Roosevelt and America to declare war on Japan, and byJapan had lost the war. How anyone could have pity on an aggressor nation like the Japan of the the s and s is beyond me.

Atomic bombing the toughest decision in history

The toughest decision of his presidency as cited by him was his decision to enter the Korean War. Hopefully, had a very guilty conscience for the rest of his life There were two atomic weapons dropped on Japan in The first was over Hiroshima on August 6th, and the second was over Nagasaki on August 9th.

He defended his descision saying it would shorten the war and lessen the U. Why Truman dropped the atom bomb? Truman, of course, authorized the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

These events clearly hastened the defeat of the Japanese Empire. While ending the war quickly may …have been the primary objective of the atomic bombings of Japan, it certainly wasn't the only reason. The Manhattan project cost the U.

It is documented in a letter which is on displayed in the Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima that the U. There were a number of cities that were identified as targets. Hiroshima was considered because it was a strategic port of Japan.

The fate of Hiroshima was sealed on the basis that the weather would be clear on the morning of August 6, This would enable the detonation to be well documented on film. The first bombing was probably enough to justify the expense of the Manhattan project to the taxpayers.

Atomic bombing the toughest decision in history

Unfortunately for the citizens of Nagasaki, it was Emperor Hirohito's opinion that the U. Despite America's demands to immediately surrender, Hirohito called their bluff and the war continued -- for a few more days. On August 9,a second bomb was dropped, this time on Nagasaki.

Shortly after this, Japan surrendered. In early August a man from Nagasaki travelled to Hiroshima to visit his relatives. He survived the blast on August 6 and made his way back home, just on time for the bombing of Nagasaki.

He survived it too, and died in ! Should Truman have dropped the atomic bombs? Some questions will always be debatable, and of course there was tremendous harm inflicted on Japan by the atomic bombs. He needed to bring the war to a rapid conclusion because the USSR had just declared war on Japan and was beginning to occupy Japanese islands there is one small Japanese island that Russia still occupies to this day, in the year and given the Russian history of taking over Eastern Europe, the US did not want to see the same thing happen to Japan.

Most think he was not wrong about dropping the atomic bombs.

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These bombs were launched on August 6 and 9, What was Truman thinking when he dropped the bomb? I bet he was thinking about revenge. He wanted show a lesson to the Japanese. The Japanese were warned prior to the first bomb being dropped, then again… before the second bomb.The decision to drop the atomic bomb seems like a popular answer but I don't think the decision was that difficult when you consider the alternative (land invasion and greater loss of American lives).

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Atomic bombing the toughest decision in history

During WW2 Truman, the United States President at the time, was asked to make one the toughest decision in History. Choosing between dropping an atomic bomb or invading are both choices that will result in a lot of deaths.

Aerial view of Hiroshima depicts the terrific destructive force of the atomic bomb United States Army Air Corps; Harry S. Truman Library & Museum By August, , Japan had lost World War II.

Watch video · This Day In History: 08/06/ - Atomic Bomb Hits Hiroshima President Harry Truman orders the Enola Gay to drop the atom bomb on Hiroshima, Cy Young joined major league baseball, the first woman swims the English Channel, and Jamaican . The toughest decision of his presidency as cited by him was his decision to enter the Korean War.

Did Truman regret the decision of bombing hiroshima