An essay on abortion as an act of murder

Many people are constantly debating whether or not abortion should be allowed or not.

An essay on abortion as an act of murder

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Roman Catholicism and abortion access

Huge photos at college campuses tell the story. To learn more about GAP, click here. Students seeing these GAP expositions are shocked by the human rights abuses. Click here to find out how you can join GAP or help the Genocide Awareness Project reach students on a campus near you.

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An overview of abortion in America along with reviews of the "Roe vs. Supreme Court case and other abortion cases.

Plus, the amazing story of Norma McCorvey's conversion. McCorvey was the 'Jane Roe' of the 'Roe vs. Wade' case that legalized abortion. Now she's joined the prolife movement to speak out against abortion. Another excellent site with tons of data, research and information about abortion and related topics.

Pain of the Unborn | National Right to Life

In recent years, many women have been raped, sexually assaulted, injured or killed by their abortion "doctors" — Click here for shocking details about these abuses and hundreds of sources documenting these cases. Ina Planned Parenthood brochure said, "An abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun.

They've become the largest abortion provider in America and stats from Planned Parenthood Federation of America's Annual Report show that Planned Parenthood performedabortions in America in Call LOVE and other national toll-free numbers for hour hotline help.

Adoption Free adoption video here: Twins - One Aborted, One Survived. Sarah Smith miraculously survived the abortion that killed her twin. Sarah says, "My mother's choice was my death sentence.

Get all the facts about this new abortion pill. Women have a right to know that 27 of 33 worldwide studies show a link between induced abortion and breast cancer.

Make sure you read Dr. Click this link, then type in "breast cancer" and hit search. It will pull up dozens of articles showing the strong link between abortion and breast cancer. Kennedy on Violence, Joseph Sobran on Abortion: Who's promoting violence and who's seeking peaceful change?

Angela Baird's Final Moments - This brave teenager prayed for "aborted babies and her father" as she lay dying at the bottom of a cliff after a tragic hiking accident.

An essay on abortion as an act of murder

Gray Davis, California's pro-abortion Governor, incurs "automatic excommunication. Rose's Parish in Sacramento, writes that Gray Davis "has brought on himself automatic excommunication from the Catholic Church," because of his public promotion of abortion.

Click this link to read all of Monsignor Kavanagh's letter and details about the new "Excommunication Education Campaign" designed to encourage priests and bishops to inform, warn and ultimately excommunicate Catholics who won't stop promoting or providing abortions.

Unborn Jesus - Have you seen this award winning site yet?It has been suggested that abortion should not only be banned, but that the act of aborting a child should be considered as equally harmful as murder as it is suggested to be the deliberate killing.

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It has been suggested that abortion should not only be banned, but that the act of aborting a child should be considered as equally harmful as murder as it is suggested to be the deliberate killing. Some of the Methods Used. To see medical illustrations of a "dilation and evacuation" (D&E) abortion, a method often used during the second trimester, click here. To view video of the graphic congressional testimony of former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino, demonstrating how this type of abortion is performed, click read Dr. Levatino's printed testimony, click here [PDF]. In other words, under the law of man instituted by civil government, abortion is not unlawful and would not be defined as murder. However, it should also be noted that the death of an unborn child can be legally counted as murder if there is premeditation, malice involved and done without legal authority (see the Unborn Victims Child Act of.

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Gun Control Gun control is an action of the government that is supposed to reduce crime. Free Essay: Murder Murder is the most vindictive crime society can commit. Society often wonders, what makes an individual want to commit such a crime.

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