Abolishing the penny essay help

I feel the same frustration. I also know from history that whenever there is a vacuum of leadership, someone will fill that void; and when people get to the desperation level where they feel they have no control, they will latch on to anyone who appears to offer them that leadership. Remember that Obama promised Change, and the public latched on to him.

Abolishing the penny essay help

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Abolish the Penny essay Abolishing the Penny: But if people are leaving pennies at the cash register, is it time to get rid of them? In this essay I am going to argue why we should keep the penny and why people think the penny should stay in route with the rest of the coins.

What made me want to argue my opinion versus the Harvard professor of Economics Gregory Mankiw who believes that the penny should be abolished is because the penny helps a lot of people survive the long way. Most cash transactions involve the exchange of pennies, and this increases the time it takes to complete them.

Some people say minting pennies is a waste of money. They say the penny has out lived its usefulness so we should retire it, but I believe the penny has more life in it still because people is the US still use it unlike Canada and few other states or countries.

Statistics show that the U. Pennies are made of copper and zinc, two metals that have recently soared in price. Because of the high value of those metals, a penny is worth more melted down than as U. Abolishing the penny would not save the government money.

Without the penny, the U. Mint would produce more nickels. Due to soaring metal prices, the nickel costs almost 10 cents to produce. Spending more money to produce more nickels is no way to save money.

abolishing the penny essay help

In conclusion to my argument as well as my opinion versus the Harvard professor of Economics Gregory Mankiw who believes that the penny should be abolished, has been clearly stated that the penny should not be abolished for plenty of reasons and the penny should stay in circulation with the rest of the currency.

My opinion still stands strong as to why we should keep the penny and what would happen if the penny was to disappear.Jun 02,  · The penny-pinching horde argues: those $ price tags save the consumer 2 cents because if the penny was abolished, merchants would ''round up'' to the nearest dollar.

William Safire: Abolish the Penny Essay Sample. William Safire writes a fine argumentative piece on why America no longer has any need for a bothersome coin of copper that “costs more in employee-hours,” than it is actually worth.

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We were too tired to talk much. Abolish the Penny essay. Abolishing the Penny: The biggest questions now days are,” Should the penny really be abolished and why is the penny still in route like its ten or five cents?” It's been our smallest-denomination coin for years.

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